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Spectacular yet Natural

The Marc Julien Group strives to elevate the standards for custom home design and transform existing homes into sublimely beautiful, fully functional oases for their occupants. With innovative layouts, purpose-driven design, and durable materials, all of the Marc Julien Group’s projects aim to cultivate a truly spectacular yet natural aesthetic and architecture for every home.


Full Potential of Properties

The Marc Julien Group aims to become the premier source of custom home builds, modern renovations, and unique indoor/outdoor living spaces for South Florida homeowners. For years, Marc Julien has unlocked the full potential of properties or created brilliant new home designs. Now, the Marc Julien Group is fully committed to serving South Florida property owners with luxurious, streamlined, and superb renovations and custom home builds.



All companies in the Marc Julien Group are united by our team’s love of creating beautiful, transformative homes.


We operate with the highest standards in mind as we transform each client’s vision into reality.


Each project is designed to be extraordinary, allowing our clients to truly enjoy a unique, beautiful home.

In a Class of Our Own